Parrish Jones – The Look Lounge

Parrish Jones provides an unwavering commitment to customer service. We guarantee product value, transparent prices, and will help you create a look that inspires confidence and success. Parrish Jones is the first to bring 3D Body Scanning Technology to the Tailor Made world in Thailand, thus bridging the gap between traditional and the future.


Parrish Jones is the first to Introduce 3D body Scanning Technology to the Tailor Made world in Thailand. Our scanner allows us to take thousands of measurements in  only 1 second. Parrish Jones uses this technology to eliminate human error, take more precise measurements, and to better analyse body shape.


Once scanned, Parrish Jones Stylists will work with you to help cement your look. You can choose from a wide selection of superior fabrics, which are offered at transparent prices. From there, Parrish Jones will individualize your look from customized fit and style, to the finishing details like button colours.


Parrish Jones has several accessories to complete your look – all the usual suit ad ons such as cuff links, ties and pocket squares. However, Parrish Jones also offers shoes, wallets, belts, and other hand selected items to help complete your look.